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Welcome to SaltFire

SaltFire is an organization that was born from the need for indigenous centered mental health services. Although many tribal governments have behavioral health centers, most are modeled after mainstream models of mental health.

SaltFire creates and provides mental health services that center indigenous values and an indigenous worldview. Saltfire also acts as a partner hub for various groups and organizations led by people of color.

The name SaltFire is a combination of the words Saltwater and Fireweed. In an indigenous world view, humans are the younger relatives of all of the beings on planet earth: plants, animals, water and even the land itself. As the younger relatives it is our job to listen to and learn from the older relatives who surround us.

The name SaltFire evokes the cleansing power of saltwater and the healing properties of fireweed to inspire the work and services we provide.

“Comprehensive healing is an urgent psychological & spiritual endeavor. The lives and livelihoods of future generations depends on it.”

– Dr. Joy DeGruy


Indigenize the Future: Native Youth Life Skills Curriculum Adaptation and Training Conference

April 8-11, 2024

Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort
15347 Suquamish Way NE, Suquamish WA 98392


Healing of the Canoe

The Healing of the Canoe (HOC) program provides training and consultation to tribal communities and organizations who want to adapt and implement the Culturally Grounded Life Skills for Youth Curriculum. This prevention and intervention curriculum uses the Canoe Journey as a metaphor for life, with tribal culture and values as compass and anchor.

Leadership Enrichment Arts Program 

SaltFire is currently bringing LEAP into the Suquamish tribal school, tailoring the program to reflect indigenous values and connect to indigenous culture through storytelling and the performing arts. Topics that will be addressed include mental health and mental illness, social justice, violence, gender conflict, and drug and alcohol abuse.